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Zababdeh nature page

Photos of nature in the hills around Zababdeh are organized seasonally, and picts from elsewhere are arranged in other categories. (See links below). Click on just about any picture to see it larger, related picts, and read a little caption about it.
Gallery of arthopods 
The Gaza Strip
Dead Sea at Ein Gedi
Hot springs at Tayasir


Visitors (and residents):
With the exception of the scorpion and the tarantula-looking spider, all guests in our home (human or not) have been treated with proper Middle-eastern hospitality. See a gallery of arthropods in our home.

The hot springs at Tayasir:
Days after our arrival, we took a trip with Abuna Louis to the warm spring near Tayasir, which had delicious date palms and gooey green plant life.

April, 2001: In spring, gardens around Haifa (especially at the magnificant Baha'i Temple) are all abloom.

April, 2001: The flowers are coming up around the nearby new Arab American University of Jenin.

January and April, 2001: Each time we visit, there are beautiful flowers at the Russian Convent of Mary Magdalene on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Fall, 2000: Abuna Dominick's green thumb keeps at work at the convent in Nablus.

We've made a few trips to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, and we've enjoyed the gardens every time.