This website is an historical document. It represents primarily our experiences of three and a half years living in the Palestinian Christian village of Zababdeh and then the filming, producing, and promoting of our documentary series Salt of the Earth.

Periodically, this site gets lifted up as “evidence” of bias. Those who make such accusations cherry-pick for the most potentially salacious content in an effort to build the straw men they need to prove their point without any serious engagement with the experiences and reflections on the site. We will not waste time responding to these frivolous attacks; nor will we edit these pages under this “pressure” of scrutiny. They are what they are, and, as befits an historical document, they represent our views at the time they were posted.

In the end, the truth remains. The situation may change. It may go through periods of “calm” and upsurges in violence. And our views may change over time, as well. But as long as the nation of Israel refuses to end its occupation of the Palestinian Territories, there will be no solution with peace and security for all Israeli and Palestinian people. This is not the only issue; but it remains, in our opinion, the main issue.

Even so, hope will not be extinguished. And it is to that hope that this website is dedicated.

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